Accounting Software Set Up

Free My Cloud has extensive experience in setting up, and recommending the right accounting software for your business.

We can set up any accounting software online so you, Free My Cloud, your accountant or any third party can securely login to your software from anywhere in Australia or overseas. It is called cloud based accounting.

Thinking about transitioning to a new accounting software system? Maybe you are interested in moving your current accounting software to one of the more popular systems like Xero or Sassu. Let us transition you effortlessly.

Benefits of new cloud based accounting software such as Xero:

see financial measurements and reports of your business instantly – anytime, anyplace with an internet connection – even on your mobile phone.

Your accounting software is now available anywhere anytime (similar to looking at your emails). No longer is your accounting software limited to your hard drive. You can assign trusted people different levels of access with secure passwords. There is an audit trail to see who logged in last and changed what.
-Data is up to date and so is the software – no more expensive upgrades!
– anyone can access from anywhere eg your trusted bookkeeper, accountant and staff. You maybe overseas and can see live data.
– easy to backup online – no more unsecured USB sticks or drives.