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Cost of living in the Philippines is different from Australia. We assure you that our Virtual Assistants are paid more than local minimum wage.

Outsourcing is not about giving priorities to foreigners and taking away local jobs. FreeMyCloud is aimed at giving local businesses the edge and resources for growth in Australia. It is simply a part of the overall business strategy.

Yes, with less accent than almost any other country. Filipinos are trained extensively to learn the English language from primary, secondary to tertiary level.

Yes! Quality separates us from all other outsourcing companies. We hire experienced Virtual Assistants with college or post graduate degrees. We also have series of written examinations and skill qualifications before we actually hire our Virtual Assistants.

You can easily communicate with your Virtual Assistant via e mail, Skype or project management software should you wish to use one.

Yes you can. The key for success is the mutual relationship between the client and the Virtual Assistant.

Once you sign up we will contact you within 24 hours and the service starts within 2 days. However, if you require several Virtual Assistants and/or a specific skill set which our current team does not have, it may take one to two weeks to start your work order. We hire only the best Virtual Assistants on their specific fields, that is why we give time to choose and train our Virtual Assistants to meet client’s standards.

Free My Cloud takes privacy concerns very seriously and will never allow third parties access to your personal information. It is of the highest concern to us that all information is kept private. All assistants sign privacy agreements prior to being employed.

Absolutely. You will be put in contact with your virtual assistant to ask any questions during an interview. This way you can see if they match your standards and criteria.

No. Contracts are on a monthly basis renewal. However, you can upgrade anytime if you like the services of our VA. Also, you can terminate the contract anytime you please.

Definitely not. If you are not 100% happy with your virtual assistant simply tell us and we end your contract immediately. There is no minimum time.

We understand the concerns people have about hiring from outside their own country; however, we are about helping your business prosper and excel. Previously, outsourcing was the domain of the Top 500 Australian companies and they kept this fact hidden – for obvious reasons – it works! The main reason to outsource is the cost and quality of employees. Hiring a virtual assistant is up to 70% cheaper than hiring the equivalent person with similar experience in Australia. You are employing highly trained university graduates with excellent real world experience for a fraction of the cost you could do it in Australia. Plus, many of them have already had much experience dealing with Australian clients, laws, procedures and standards. There is no need to pay overtime, holiday pay, training, insurance, office space leasing, computers and many other expenses.

An Executive Virtual Assistant (or VA) is a professional service provider who specializes in providing remote administrative office support services as an independent contractor who works with clients in an ongoing, collaborative professional relationship. Virtual Assistants work from their own offices and utilize today’s technology to deliver their services and communicate with clients. A Virtual Assistant’s support is often administrative, secretarial and clerical in nature. However, many Virtual Assistants offer additional specialties that fall under creative and technical services. VA’s are often highly computer and internet savvy – and can help businesses compete and excel in today’s fast changing marketplace. The majority of our assistants are located in the Philippines, a country highly valued for it’s highly skilled English speaking workforce.

Hiring offshore would help you in a lot of ways. For one, as a cost-cutting measure for your company – Hiring a full time in-house employee comes with a long list of overhead costs which include benefits, paid leave, office space rental and office equipment maintenance. Since virtual assistants are independent contractors and they work from their own office, your operating cost can be greatly minimized. VA’s are responsible for their own overhead cost; they pay for their own taxes and benefits so there’s no need for you to pay these for them. Also, hiring a virtual assistant means you only have to pay for the agreed work to be done. You only need to hire one when the need arises, so it’s rather more efficient and cost effective than hiring a full time employee. In general, hiring a virtual assistant enables you to focus on the more important aspects of your business. You can focus more on building client relationships and developing new strategies while your VA does all the time consuming administrative tasks.

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