Outsource Scott Pape? – Barefoot Investor has Freelancer ideas for Australian Businesses.

Just read an article by the Herald Sun’s Barefoot Investor, Scott Pape – in it he mentions various forms of outsourcing ideas for Australian businesses.

Scott mentions how he had his website made by freelancers in Russia, designed in Paris edited in America and data entry from the Philippines.

He mentions how the process worked for him:

  • Select a Vendor (or contractor) – eg a designer and outsourcing company
  • Set key milestones within project
  • Release escrow payments as milestones are completed.

The Barefoot investor says its’..cheap, quick and surprising cheap’.

The article explains how the internet is revolutionisng shopping trends and peoples expectations. Scott discusses the rise of internet television – and  the advent of Youtube’s new content channel.

Social media is a real game changer in Australia. With sites such google local places you can see what other people have said about the restaurant you are about to walk into! I always check out the reviews of restaurants on my iphone before I walk in. It’s been a fantastic tool.

Buying cheap group discounts on sites like groupon is another great idea. Groupon reaches its tenticles out to the all social networking sites and gives you amazing buying power.

The Barefoot Investor can be followed at www.barefootinvestor.com