Business Process Outsourcing or BPO for brevity, used to be a common practice of huge companies to get or hire the services of another provider, a third party provider, who is completely unrelated to the business, in order to shed off a segment of their service responsibilities to the third party provider.  In other words, these huge conglomerates get a part of their legal, operations,  HR or marketing operations services from another provider who are well-versed in these categories in order for the conglomerate to cut back on the number of employees and responsibilities that they need to oversee.

This has been a very huge success and widely accepted practice for big companies such as IBM, Coca Cola, Infosys and many others.

Offshore Service Providers

The advent of the internet has paved the road for companies to outsource or hire the needed services from another country where the wage is cheaper.  Companies are no longer bound to hiring services within their countries.  Instead, companies are faced with a much wider variety of services than they could ever imagine.

Hiring an offshore service provider has made things cheaper for companies; however they were also faced with obstacles regarding trusting the service provider in terms of adequacy and efficiency.  As offshore service providers continued to grow and strengthen their presence online, these obstacles were conquered, to show the hiring companies that offshore service providers are very competent in their area of expertise, while billing their employers with a fraction of the price compared to their native service providers.

Further, as time passed the functions of offshore service providers have improved a lot and now these providers even caters to private entities.  Job functions such as online virtual assistance, data entry, data processing, translation, website management, web designing and a lot more are being offered by offshore service providers.  These services are no longer exclusive to huge companies but are also available to start-up businesses, small scale businesses and even private individuals.

Many people have already made used of services provided by these service providers from India, Philippines and even China because they have finally found a very cheap way to hire staffs that are knowledgeable and efficient workers.  Instead of learning the task themselves and waste away precious time, money and effort they are now given the option to outsource these services at a fraction of the price that they are going to pay for a native service provider or for their education to learn the trade.