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    Cost-CPA & graduate accountants can be employed for up to 75% less than a local eg Melbourne or Sydney based accountant
    Australian owned and managed. Free My Cloud Pty Ltd is an Australian owned and managed company with Philippines based graduate staff.
    Extensive Australian business experience. All Free My Cloud staff have Australian experience in bookkeeping, accounting and various other financial practices
    Outsource your non-core business processes such as accounting and bookkeeping. Focus on what you do best and let us be your finance department.
    Need to scale up efficiently ? Scale up with extra staff or cut back when you need to. No need to hire expensive local recruitment companies and buy new infrustructure or fight throught red-tape.
    Access the Philippines huge source of affordable graduate accounting and finance staff. Start leveraging Philippines English speaking graduates in your company.

    Our Services

    Bookkeeping Services
    We specialise in providing customised, flexible and cost effective bookkeeping…..READ MORE
    Payroll Solutions
    Payroll is not a core part of any business and can be easily outsourced to reduce costs in your business. …READ MORE
    Business Reports
    We can provide regular reports including balance sheet, profit and loss….READ MORE
    BAS and the ATO
    Document preparation – ground work for the Australian Tax Office….READ MORE
    Debtors Management
    Cashflow is the lifeblood of any business. 90% of businesses fail… READ MORE
    Accounting Software Set Up
    Free My Cloud has extensive experience in setting up, and recommending…READ MORE
    Taxation and Compliance
    Annual Financial Statements and Accounts….READ MORE
    Accounts Receivable and Payable
    Cash flow is paramount to your business success…. READ MORE

    “Working with the staff at FreeMyCloud was definitely satisfying and cost effective. The team knew the project requirements and came back with amazing results. Ursula is a gifted accountant who brought her own vision to the table and helped me grow my business beyond what I could have ever imagined. More than that, Ursula was so keen to please us and worked relentlessly until we achieved the goals which will put a rocket under our business profit. I recommend FreeMyCloud unconditionally and will definitely use their staff and systems again.”

    – David J, business owner, Sydney, Australia.