Bookkeeping Services for Legal Practices & Lawyers

We understand your bookkeeping needs.

At FreeMyCloud, we fully understand the accounting & bookkeeping services for legal practices & lawyers. We also know the challenges you face, trying to keep up with the accounting, bookkeeping and tax administration of your law or legal practice. Are you wasting billable time? Lawyers and legal practitioners everywhere share a common problem –they spend far too much time on administration and too little on billable hours. Are you a lawyer or legal practitioners attempting tasks like accounting, payroll, bookkeeping and attending to the tax matters of your practice for yourself? Well, you shouldn’t be doing the non-billable work in your business. Many participants in the law and legal profession spend less than half their time on the things that matter most in their practices, the revenue-generating activities. You worked hard to obtain and maintain your licence for practicing law and doing legal work. Your time should be leveraged to earn a maximum return on the sizeable investment made in your career. Exclusive focus should therefore be placed on the billable activities in your law and legal practice, such as client management. This would include maintaining and growing existing commercial relationships; also, to extend your client base and additional income opportunities within your areas of expertise. Lawyers and legal practitioners should entrust their accounting, bookkeeping and tax requirements to accounting professionals; not spend their own time on such administrative matters.

Bookkeeping Services for Legal Practices & Lawyers

Bookkeeping for Legal Practices

Are you losing out on family & leisure?

Many lawyers and legal practitioners attempt to keep up with the administrative tasks of their businesses after hours. Are you doing accounting, bookkeeping and tax compliance activities in the evenings or weekends? Shouldn’t you rather be focusing on a healthy work-life balance and spending those valuable hours in the company of your loving family?

Why a fulltime bookkeeper is not the answer.

As a lawyer and legal professional it is the correct decision to entrust your accounting, bookkeeping and tax compliance activities to qualified accountants. But, it does not have to cost you an arm and a leg. Thinking of employing a fulltime bookkeeper? It may be bad idea because it is expensive and unnecessary. A fulltime bookkeeper attracts the contractual liability of a wage, superannuation, leave entitlements and payroll taxes to your legal practice. Additionally, there may also be work-health-and-safety (WHS) requirements, performance issues and other factors to consider. Staff members would also require additional investments from you; suitable workstations, office facilities and tools –such as computers and other technology-are required by personnel to perform your accounting, bookkeeping and tax compliance activities.And, by having tospend your valuable time on attending to staff matters, detracts from your billable hours and the capacity to generate revenue for your practice.The Internet and global connectivity makes on-demand accounting services possible; wherever your legal practice may be located or whatever your bookkeeping and tax administration needs are.

By outsourcing their accounting and tax needs, lawyers and legal practitioners can receive the full benefits of a professional service, without undue contractual liabilities;and at a fraction of the cost.

FreeMyCloud – the perfect outsourced bookkeeping services solution for the  needs of lawyers and legal professionals.

Because FreeMyCloud leverages the disruptive benefits of cutting-edge technology to the maximum, we save you money. The Internet connects lawyers and legal practitioners directly with our team of qualified accountants inAustralia andthe Philippines. Thanks to competitive global rates and our guaranteed price, you pay only for what you need; nothing more. And, that is often only a fraction of the cost you would have paid locally for your accounting, payroll, bookkeeping and tax compliance needs.And, you have full 24/7 online access to your information in our client portalon the Web. We also provide theagreed deliverables accurately and on time, every time.  We are right there, where it matters most; working alongside our professional team to handle the financial administration of your legal practice professionally at all times. FreeMyCloud gives you the peace of mind and opportunity to focus your free time on family and leisure activities –the truly important part of our lives –not the admin which you didn’t sign up for anyway.Why wait? Don’t delay –contact FreeMyCloud today.

Our Bookkeeping Services Include:

  • Accounts Receivable and Payable
  • Accounting Software Set up
  • Payroll Services
  • BAS and the ATO
  • Taxation and compliance
  • Business Reports
  • Debtor Management / Recovery

At Free My Cloud Pty Ltd we help legal practices like yours thrive by doing a few simple things. Firstly, we do the bookkeeping and allow you to focus on your key strengths. Bring in more revenue by focusing on finding better clients. Use your main skills to drive revenue in the business. With the money you save on staffing you can divert the extra to increased marketing, new office equipment, better systems and staff training.

No training of Free My Cloud staff necessary

When your firm grows you can easily scale up hire a new employee from Free My Cloud. Our staff are pre-trained and ready to start immediately. There is no training required by you except general things which are unique to your own legal practice. All Free My Cloud’s staff are graduate accountants who have had experience in Australian businesses. A key advantage for your law practice is your bookkeeping will be done by accounants, not unqualified bookkeepers. Accountants make the rules for bookkeepers and you will be in a better position having an accountant do your books.

What accounting software can we use?

Free My Cloud staff are proficient in all commonly used accounting packages such as Xero, MYOB and many others. We can transition you from desktop versions of accounting packages to cloud based softwares.

Please contact us for further information regarding your legal firms bookkeeping priorities. We are happy to provide you with a free consultation and suggest ways we can help grow your business and keep your books up to date.

Free My Cloud is an online accounting and bookkeeping company with a Melbourne  and  Manila office. We have been serving Australian clients for over 6 years. Feel free to contact us and have a chat with one of our friendly accountants.