Property Professionals and Real Estate Agents are using outsourcing to reduce costs and improve efficiencies.

What could you use a virtual assistant for in your day?

Below are a few simple ways real estate agents and property professionals may benefit from outsourcing a virtual assistant.virtual assistant philippines outsourcing company

The main reason Australian property professionals are outsourcing their none-core activities to virtual assistants in places such as the Philippines is the cost of labour. Employing a  virtual assistant remotely from the Philippines can save you up to 70% on staffing costs. How? No holiday pay, sick leave, superannuation, insurance or office overheads – staff can be hired for as low as $7 per hour.

Email and Calendar Management – you can hire a virtual assistant to help you manage your busy schedule. For example – dictate appointments into your Iphone, blackberry or pda and send to your VA to put in your online calendar – sync this with your phone;  never miss an important meeting with a client or prospect again.

Update your Listings in Property Websites. – there are dozens of property websites you can list on. It takes a lot of time if you have to do it manually. Sites such as,, and require frequent updates and listings. Handball this to your virtual assistant. Anything that can be done on a computer in your office can be done by your virtual staff.

Website / Blog / Facebook / Linkedin Updates – updating your website, blog or social media pages with fresh news and information indicates to clients and colleagues that you are a proactive person who likes to keep abreast of the latest trends and news in your industry. It is simple for your VA to write a few articles a week for your blog, update your website or be an administrator for your facebook or linkedin page. They can also set these up for you.

Bookkeeping: Hire one of Australian qualified bookkeepers to help you take back control of your finances.

SEO for your Website – a virtual real estate assistant can help get your website on the front page of google. How?  They can list you on all the directories which matter, add backlinks to your site and provide you with a concise summary of their work.

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