Hiring call center employees from the Philippines has a lot of advantages, aside from the obvious fact that Filipinos have a better grasp of the English language compared to other Asian counterparts.  Further, Filipino call centre agents can speak good English without a heavy accent compared to Indian call center agents.  Listed below are some of the services offered by call centers in the Philippines. Businesses in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth are starting to increase the use of call center companies dramatically.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation, for those who don’t know, is simply the generation of sales leads that might or might not lead to a sale.  However, most of the leads that are generated by call center agents have 60% probability of buying your product or are individuals that are genuinely interested in the company’s services or products.  Sometimes, lead generation can also make use of cold calling prospects.

Appointment Setting

Filipino call center agents are adept in calling in your behalf to have your appointment set with your clients, other business, sales lead appointments, outbound appointment setting, offshore appointment setting or even appointment setting for your insurance, real estate and financial advisers are among the few services available under the appointment setting category.  Thus, if you are a very busy person, making use of the services of Filipino agents will surely free up more of your time while being very convenient.

Debt Collection

If you are a credit card company or a lending corporation, one of the hardest tasks that must be done is to request from your clients payments for overdue accounts or simply for timely payments.  This process of the business is also essential to you because this is where the money comes in, so what better way to solve your problem by hiring the services of call centers in the Philippines?  They offer calling up your client for simple late payment reminders and debt collection calls.


In a business, surveys are a must because this will form part of your marketing strategy.  If your business is in the early stages of inception, having a survey to have a profile of your target market or the general market as a whole and from there pick the specific clients you will focus on.  If you are already doing business, making a survey is done to recheck the attractiveness of your product and your target market to see if you need to revamp your marketing schemes in order to hold on to your market and to attract fresh and new clientele.


Telesales are also offered by Filipino call centres.  They typically provide basic telesales services that include calls to customers to set appointments, generate leads and even cinch a sale.  There are also company services or products that are cyclical and require more than one call; this is also offered by Filipino call center agents.