Debtors Management

Cashflow is the lifeblood of any business. 90% of businesses fail due to an insufficient cash flow. This can definitely be avoided in most cases. Let us help you take control of your overdue invoices and credit policies.

We can send out reminder emails or make phone calls to your client on certain days. Eg first reminder email can be sent if customer has not paid within your 14 day payment period. Emails and / or letters of demand can be sent out at appropriate times.

By having a consistent debtors management policy your customers will expect contact if they fail to pay on time. This often ensures they do pay on time because no one likes to be followed up for payment.

If your company has not already assigned us an email address (from your company’s website address) – we can easily do this and send emails from your “Accounts Department”. This also projects a sense of professionalism to your clients and staff.

Benefits of Using Free My Cloud for outstanding receivables

1) Free up and your time and take the stress out of chasing debts. No one likes following up on late paying customers. Take yourself out of the equation and free yourself from this unnecessary task.

2)Increase your cash flow- many businesses allow customers 30 days to pay invoices but often do not collect for more than 60 days. Stop this happening with a strong credit and collection policy.

3) Have your own Accounts Department. Increase the professionalism of your business by allowing FMC to work as your accounts depart. Send follow up emails and make phone calls from your businesses Accounts Department.

4)Reporting – receive regular reports on outstanding invoices and let us take action before they get out of hand. Know when to send out appropriate reminders, make early phone calls or initiate legal actions.