Xero Conference at Melbourne, Australia (source: xero.com)

Xero has recently announced some awesome treats especially designed to cater to the needs of its patrons. Let’s take a look at these exciting features as BIT has cited.

Xero is now improving its iOS app version for an enhanced customer experience. The company is said to be contemplating on providing a direct signup process on its app counterpart so its users do not need to access the company’s site anymore when signing up for an account.

Xero Apple Watch App

Xero Apple Watch App (source: xero.com)

With the increasing demand for wearable technology, Xero has also announced its integration with the Apple watch app.  Through your apple watch, you can now see notifications ­­­­­­­­of your latest bank transactions or view your financial activities for the day.

Xero Me is another interesting iOS application that lets your employees check their payslips and update their personal information through their mobile phones. They may also fill in their time sheets and apply for leave through the app.

xero me

Xero Me (source: xero.com)

As for the main product itself, Xero is also providing a global search function that will enable you to easily search for things—-whether it’s a customer name, vendor account, etc. This feature is similar to Apple’s spotlight search where you can find anything on your device by simply typing related keywords on the search bar.

Facilitating your contacts is also much easier now with Xero’s smart list and customer view features. These functionalities display a list of your clients depending on your specifications and criteria. You may also sync your gmail contacts and mails to Xero to effectively manage your business network.

smartlist (source: xero.com)

smart list (source: xero.com)

Xero is also installing a billable expense feature that allows you to manage your expenses more efficiently. This scheme especially works for industries that accept special job orders. With this functionality, you can now bill the corresponding costs of materials, labor or overhead to the clients who requested the order. Upon releasing the invoice, Xero will automatically prompt your customers who are one week late in paying their obligations through reminder emails.

Accounting for fixed assets also goes in handy with Xero’s improved functionalities. The product now comes with additional asset types and multiple depreciation methods for setting up your fixed asset accounts appropriately. Plus, you can also indicate some details regarding your assets such as its serial or body number, warranty expirations; or set a cost limit for it. Reversing incorrect asset disposal entries is easier too in Xero’s new version.