xero + dropbox

(source: xumagazine.com)

Since its inception, Xero Tax has been receiving positive reviews from its users. Recently, Xero has announced its tie up with Dropbox. Now that the software is linked to the file sharing and storing platform, we could only expect a whole lot more. BIT discusses the wonderful things that come up with this partnership.

Dropbox has over 400 million users all over the world. In Australia alone, they recorded a share of 8 million users, each of them availing at least 2 GB of data storage. You could just imagine how large its storage capacity is. The Xero Tax-Dropbox integration is really a great news for registered tax agents because through this partnership, their business clients may now share important files on Dropbox and link these accordingly to the agent’s own Xero Tax account. Because of this, tax agents are able to effectively manage their administrative load and focus more on  significant areas of their job.

Another interesting feature of the Xero Tax-Dropbox collaboration which is also perfect for the businessmen on the go, is its real time document integration. Simply post a photo of a receipt or invoice on your Dropbox and it will automatically be shared on the Xero Tax software. This way, your tax agents can conveniently access the corresponding files later and be able to use it in computing your correct tax dues.

Tax returns, invoices, receipts, letters, agreements and memorandum are of valuable importance to registered tax agents when doing their job. Imagine what could happen if these are lost along the way and are no where to be found to support the figures in the tax return.  Luckily, Xero Tax has collaborated with Dropbox.  Because of this, tax agents are now rest assured that their client files are on a safe place. Plus, they could always access them with ease and convenience since they can open these documents on their Xero Tax accounts whenever they wishes.

Xero Tax was launched last May in Australia. It has been considered as a primary solution in managing the stressful tax stuff of small businesses and enterprises thus lessening the administrative paper works of a registered tax agent. The company continues to improve this product by collaborating strategic partnerships with big names in the industry. Dropbox is just one of them.

Let’s just see what these partnerships can do for our tax facilitation scheme in the coming days.